LDC presentation video, Tango Conference 2008

Peter Modzelewski, member of the illustrious team0xf and an organizer of the Tango Conference 2008, has posted the video and slides of the talk on LDC Tomas Lindquist Olsen and I gave in September.

The original summary was:

The new D1 compiler based on the strong fundament of LLVM, the DMD frontend and the Tango runtime is maturing rapidly. We’ll take a brief look at LLVM, report on LLVMDC’s status and discuss the future of the project.

Have fun watching the video and thanks again to the organizers for an excellent conference.

Here’s a short list of major changes since then:

  • Almost immediately after the lecture we renamed the compiler to LDC, which has worked out very well and should simplify the next presentation by avoiding tounge twisting sentences that contain LLVM, LLVMDC, DMD and GDC in close proximity.
  • We released LDC 0.9 for x86-32 Linux in early January.
  • Support for x86-64 Linux has improved significantly due to contributions by Kelly Wilson and Frits van Bommel. Our platform support entry for it now reads: “no big open issues,
    dstress results pretty much the same as x86-32 Linux” – The next release will very likely include x86-64 Linux binaries!
  • LDC switched to LLVM 2.5.
  • ABI conformance work continued: The D calling convention is fully implemented and naked functions are supported.
  • A lot of tickets have been closed; this includes a large amount of bugfixes, but also higher level issues like allowing template functions to be inlined and basic cross compilation.