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Improving REQ sockets in ZMQ 4

I contributed two new socket options to libzmq 4.0: ZMQ_REQ_CORRELATE and ZMQ_REQ_RELAXED. They simplify usage of REQ sockets in situations where you would have had to reset the whole socket or switch to a DEALER socket with earlier versions. More specifically, you can now send a new request on a REQ socket when you’ve given [...]

Getting more out of the range-based for statement in C++11

Among the most useful features added to C++11 is the range-based for statement. It is defined to be equivalent to the usual iterator-based loop from begin() to end() and makes standard iteration look way more appealing. Keeping the noise out of a large fraction of iterator-based loops is great, but other common for loops are [...]

Recent activity

Over the last year I’ve been focusing on Qt Creator and have done several posts on the Qt Labs blog: RPATH and RUNPATH Qt Creator editor news New QML editor features Qt Simulator is going public

Star Guard level editor

I spent the last few evenings working on a fun side project which is now complete: a level editor for Loren Schmidt’s Star Guard.

Compilers for the D programming language: DMD, GDC and LDC

Currently, users of the D programming language can essentially choose between two mature compilers: DMD and GDC. I’ve started helping with the development of a third, LDC, and think the first public alpha version can’t be far off. In this post, I’ll give a short overview of the compilers available and say a few words [...]

MATLAB file access

Quite a while ago I was looking at ways to interface between MATLAB and a C++ program for a job at university. In the end I wrote a C++ wrapper for the C API to access MAT files which turned out to be quite useful. Since it’s small and easy to use, I decided to [...]